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Anti-rutting Agent
Suspension floor
pvc pipe
pvc sheet
pvc pipe fitting
recycled scrap and resin
Injection pvc granules
pp granules
pvc soft granules
pvc floor
pvc glove
color masterbatch
filer masterbatch
filler masterbatch3

Plastic filler masterbatch for plastic products is the a plastic particles as the carrier of PE/PP/ABS,The mesh of CaCO3 is determind by clients' using effect.We usually choose 800 mech to 6000mesh.That kind of masterbatch can be widely used in PE,PP,ABS and other plastic products such as PE plastic bags,injection molding,extrusion,drawing and other products.


1. PE plastic bags(Plastic film garbage bags shopping bags, bags, etc.)

2. Injection molding (automotive, electronics, construction, household products, furniture, toys, etc.)

3. Extrusion (sheet, pipe, wire and cable, etc.)

4. drawing(Woven bags)and other products

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